WOOCS 1.2.4

Attentively choose your ingame Region, prices may vary!

Warfront Scenario best drivers will help you with this boost service, including Warfront Scenario for your character. You get Access to outdoor content in the Arathi Highlands like World Bosses and Elite mobs. (They will drop you mounts, pets, toys and gear). You will open new quests with gear and resources..
Your Rewards:
  • – Warfront Scenario, quest for 370 ilvl gear and after for win 340 ilvl gear
  • 500 reputation with your faction;
  • – 750 Azerite Power
Additional options:
  • – +1 run
  • – +2 run
  • 120 lvl
  • – boost take 24+ hours
Our team try hard on betta for a better and faster boost your characters! We know what to do!

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