WOOCS 1.2.4

You can choose more than one additional option!

Mythic plus+10-15 dungeons best dungeons party will help you with this boost service, Mythic+10 (Weekly best) dungeons via personal loot. We trade all loot (if possible).
For additional options – use leftside checkboxes
Your Rewards
  •       – 430+ ilvl loot
  •       – 440+ ilvl in weekly chest
  •       – Titan residuum (minimum 625, depends from level key completed by week)
Additional options
  •          –  self play (You play by your own character during the boost, otherwise will be made by account share with stream)
  •          –  +10 Weekly best (we doing our 10 key  with your character, rewards you can see below in the table)
  •          – +2 runs with 10% discount (+2 mythic +10, gear farm best offer for new toon)
  •          – +4 runs with 15% discount  (+4 mythic +10, gear farm best offer for new toon)
  Our Keys Now (always ask in support, perhaps someone has already bought the key you need and also we have twinks with other +10 keys, do not hesitate to ask)
US HordeUS Alliance
Shrine of the Storm +15,+10,Frehold+12,+15      AtalDazar +10,+14,+16 Freehold +15,+11
Siege of Boralus +15,+13, Sethraliss+16,+11      Waycrest +14,+11,  Siege of Boralus +16,+10
Told Dagor+16,+10, AtalDazar+14,+12      Tol Dagor +15,+10 Shrine of the Storm+14,+11
King rest+12, Waycrest +10,+15, Under+16,+10      Underrot +13, +11, King rest+16,+10 Motherlode+16
EU HordeEU Alliance
Shrine of the Storm +11     Tol Dagor +13
The Motherlode +15     Freehold +11
Temple of Sethraliss +12     Underrot +15
Siege of Boralus +11    Shrine of the Storm +13
  •       – 120 lvl
  •       – boost take 1 hours
Our team try hard on betta for a better and faster boost your characters! We know what to do! Siege of Boralus +10 and Atal’Dazar +16

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